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About GP MF
GP MF Portfolio of maintenance free batteries
GP MF Silver
GP MF Silver is the latest addition to GP MF portfolio of maintenance free batteries. GP MF Silver will be available at all GPA authorized distributors, dealers and resellers from April onwards.

GP MF Silver batteries are specially designed for all locally assembled national cars. The silver range of batteries is also recommended for drivers looking at switching from conventional battery to hassle-free maintenance. With the small additional price on maintenance free batteries, drivers can enjoy the convenience of not having to top up car batteries every one to three months. GP MF Silver provides the necessary power for every day cars.
GP MF Gold
GP MF Gold batteries are recommended for all Japanese cars up to 2000cc and these batteries can be used for Small Commercial vehicles as well. The gold ranges of batteries have been sold in the local market since beginning last year and have received positive feedback from our customers. GP MF Gold provides extra power for a longer life.
GP MF Platinum
GP MF Platinum batteries serve Japanese cars beyond 2000cc and Continental / European imported cars. The platinum range of batteries is best value for money serving premium imported cars. GP MF Platinum provides premium power for maximum performance.
GP MF AGM Battery
(For vehicles with start-stop functionality)
The gold standard for all start-stop vehicles.
The GP MF AGM stands for unmatched performance and long life with 3 times the cycle life of conventional batteries. It is the perfect choice for vehicles with the highest energy demands due to heavier usage or multiple accessories and equipment.
GP MF EFB Battery
(For vehicles with start-stop functionality)
For superior power needs in entry-level start-stop systems.
Entry-level start-stop systems are usually equipped with an EFB (enhanced flooded battery). The GP MF EFB with 2 times the cycle life of conventional batteries meets the need of vehicles with higher than normal energy demands. So, if you are looking for a battery with extended cycle life compared to a conventional GP battery, the GP MF EFB is your perfect choice.
GP MF RACE batteries are designed for locally assembled national cars up to Continental/European imported cars. Designed to adapt to adverse road conditions (vibration), old vehicles and rough conditions. It is also designed with a special patented alloy to withstand extreme weather conditions.
About benefits of Maintenance-free batteries
Maintenance-free batteries are faster, easier and safer to serve our distribution network of partners, namely our distributors, dealers and all workshops, auto-parts, tire shops; battery specialists sell GP MF batteries.
For our partners, GP MF helps our partners?business with cost efficiency.
Faster to restock and Faster to reach assistance
Easier to prepare and Easier to sell
Safer to install and Safer for health
For drivers and consumers, GP MF batteries provide convenience and peace of mind.
Faster replacement of battery
Easier access to our extensive network of distributors, dealers and many workshops, auto parts, tire shops, battery specialists selling GP MF batteries.
Safer to drive as the battery is sealed and leak proof.
For more information, please visit GP Battery Microsite
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