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GP Automotive Batteries
Greater Power Over 30 Countries Since 1968
Special Features
Safety Vent Plugs
Specially designed to eliminate acid loss & enhance O2 & H2 gases recombination in the cell.
Corrosion Resistant Terminal Post
Heavy duty terminal post improves current flow & cranking.
Durable Polypropylene Cell Container
Impact resistant container to house negative & positive cells.
Intercell Connectors
Spot-welded to increase current flow.
Negative Plate
Latest computer designed grid provides perfect balance with the positive plate to give maximum performance.
Positive Plate
  Latest computer designed grid to enhance optimum utilisation of active materials thereby increasing performance.
PE Enveloped Separator
  Low electrical resistant PE separator to eliminate internal short-circuit and allow better circulation of electrolyte and improve cranking performance.
Advantages of Enveloped Separators
Greater starting power
Eliminate short circuit
Longer battery life
Low maintenance
Better vibration resistance
Better cranking power (CCA)
Low electrical resistance
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